1) If you notice, I don't give "step by step" instructions in my recipes.


Cause I expect you to know how to brown meat, and always drain it.  I expect you to follow directions on a package when needed.   I expect you to figure shit out on your own (like, how to substitute for allergies, or prices, or tastes).

2) I am not here to teach you how to cook.  As this blog, is not really about "cooking".  Its about eating.

I LOVE to cook.  And when we have money, I can cook some elaborate-ass shit!  And it usually healthy and tasty!  But when we're lacking in funds?  The type of food in this blog is what we're limited to.  But its not "cooking", its throwing stuff together from a box/can/etc. to fill our bellies.

So please, no emails to tell me "how unhealthy" this blog is.  If you are emailing to say this, obviously you've never been poor as fuck.

3) I am allergic to wheat, soy, eggs, dairy (which I still eat), and peanut butter.  While most of those things you won't find in my recipes, you might find some of the things I use has a minimal amount of wheat in it, which I can tolerate.  But if you can't?  Please read your labels!  I cannot stress this enough.  Like the chili at Aldi?  The kind with beans seems to be okay allergy-wise, but the kind without has soy (TVP) AND wheat!  Read every label, every single time.

4) I shop at Aldi mostly.  Shnucks too.  You might have different prices at your stores, so please don't take my prices as the end-all-be-all.  They are guidelines.

5) I assume most people reading this might have Link (foodstamps).  So there is no tax added on to my recipe calcuations.  a) tax varies by state and b) Link has no tax.  Adding your own tax and calculations when you shop is THE best way to not get to the checkout and have to put things back.  Bring a notebook to add it all up.  I ALWAYS do this, whether I am broke or not, it just easier that way.

6) To make these meals healthier, use your noggin: make a salad; buy brown rice instead of white (and invest in a rice cooker for non-instant rice); buy bread at the bread store and buy whole grain for like a dollar instead of four dollars at the regular store; buy fresh produce when its on sale to use in the recipes; eat more raw food (carrots, celery, fruits, etc.), etc.  Throw fresh mushrooms and/or tomatoes in your pasta sauce (cook both of them first for better nutrition).  You can use your brain when it comes to nutrition.  Eating cheaply doesn't always mean having to eat completely unhealthy.

These are a few explanations on how to use this blog.  If you have any other questions or suggestions, please contact me :)

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