This blog is a cookbook for people who have very little money, but still want to eat semi-healthy.  Notice, I say semi.  Some of it is healthy, some is not.  But when you're poor as fuck, what can you do?  Since fresh and healthy stuff can cost twice, if not more, than boxed or canned food.......

This blog, while not intended for long term use and more for those who have hit hard times and need ideas for cheap and edible food, most of the world is in this stage of life for long-term, so I guess its intended for everyone who can use it. 

Not all of it is healthy, not all of it will taste "gourmet" (but I assure you, it will taste good!).  But if you want that shit, look elsewhere and go find that sought-after leprechaun who has your pot-o-gold at the end of the rainbow.  Then call me up and tell ME where to find that fucking leprechaun, so I can beat his ass for stealing my grocery money!

So yeah, check out my recipes, hopefully they can help you keep your family's bellies full, your pocketbook stretched, and your tastebuds happy.

Welcome to Poor as Fuck: Cheap Eats for Poor Peeps. 
Me, my son, and my pooch!

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