Sunday, November 13, 2016

Homemade Pasta Saucey Sauce

This one is uber easy, uber cheap, and totally customizable!

Here it goes:

-1 can of tomatoes (any kind, any I used fire-roasted, and it wasn't bad!)
-onions (if you have them or like them.  If not, leave 'em out!  Today I used bagged frozen ones)
-butter or oil (to saute onions)
-Italian seasoning (or oregano and basil--I only used oregano because that's all I had)
-a tad of sugar (omit if you don't want it)
-garlic powder or canned chopped garlic (which is what I used, but I added too much and now I have heartburn)
-salt and pepper to taste

That's it!  So easy, and not bad! 

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