Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Corn Dog Bites

-1 to 2 pkg. of hot dogs, any kind
-1 to 2 pkg. of Jiffy cornbread mix (or any cornbread mix)
-bottle of canola oil or veggie oil
-skewer & fork
-slotted spoon

Pour your oil in a small saucepan.  Get it hot.  Drip a teeny little bit of prepared cornbread mix into the oil, and if it sizzles, then it's ready. (fish this piece out)

Chop up your hot dogs into thirds (three pieces each wiener).  

Prepare cornbread mix with eggs and milk in a bowl.  Let sit.

Using a skewer (or fork), push half of the hotdog piece onto it and dip it into the prepared cornbread mix.  Let some drip off, but not all.  Use fork to slide the piece into the oil.  Let it go until brown (if it browns too quickly, then turn your stove down--otherwise you'll have a gooey inside of the cornbread crust).  You COULD use a food thermometer, but I don't have one, and have no idea what temp it should be at.  You can google that if you'd like.  Or use an electric skillet with a temp control on it.  I say start around 350 degrees and test from there. 

Use a slotted spoon to drain dog before placing on paper towels. 

This is WAY better than store bought corn dogs and WAY cheaper.  Yum! 

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