Wednesday, October 1, 2014

DELISH Kale-Sausage-Potato Soup

This shit will WARM YOUR SOUL!  I mean it.  My hubby was like "who turned on the heat??"  And it wasn't even spicy! LOL

EASY and cheap (its around $10 for an entire pot)

-1 lb ground sausage (I get mine at Aldi for around $2.50)
-1 bunch Kale (Schnuck's: 99 cents!)
-1 bag (5lbs) yellow potatoes (Schnucks: $2.99)
-8 C chicken broth (2 boxes)

You can also add in onions, beans, rice, or anything you want or have on hand!  And you can add mashed potato flakes to make it thicker.


Brown sausage (and onions if you wish) and drain.  Cut up potatoes (after you wash them) and throw them in (I do not peel my potatoes).  Wash kale and rip from stem and rip into little pieces and throw it in.  Pour in the broth and sasuage and BAM!  Done.  Oh yes, cook on high until done or throw in a crock pot. 

Very cheap, very easy.  And VERY VERY GOOD!  ESP. if you get the mashed potatoes in a red carton (the big one---I have no idea what kind this is, when I do, I'll post it) to use a thickener. 

Top with salt & pepper & Parmesan cheese :) 

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