Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sweet N Sour Chicken

This is something we eat a few times a month, cause its goood!

-1 pkg. frozen chicken tenderloins
-1 box instant brown rice (or bagged brown rice you already have)
-2 steamable frozen broccoli's
-little bit of ketchup (opt.)

Chicken tenderloins: $6.99 Aldi (I think?)
Instant brown rice: $1.49 Aldi  (I think)
Frozen broccoli: $.99 Aldi

Everything else you should have on hand.

I thaw half a bag of chicken out in the microwave.....on the 1lb. setting on defrost.  I don't want it completely thawed, its too hard to cut.  Then I slice the partially thawed chickies into bite size pieces.  I either cook the broccoli in a pan or I microwave it (its steamable).  This time I added celery, but you can add anything you want.  Even pineapple (canned).

Cook your rice.  Then boil 1/2 C water and 1/2  C vinegar and 3/4 C sugar (I double this and freeze it).  Once boiling, I remove from heat and mix 1/4 C cornstarch with 1/4 water (whisk that shit so its not lumpy!).  Then add that cornstarch water into the pan, and voila!  Sweet n sour sauce.  I add a teeny bit ketchup for color, but its not needed.

Then I put all the first stuff together (broccoli, chicken, rice, and whatever I have on hand) and drizzle sauce over top. EASIER.  THAN.  PIE.  Way easier, actually!  And tastier!

Well, really now, what's tastier than pie??

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