Sunday, September 22, 2013

Magical Popcorn a la The Cooking Whore

This recipe assumes you have an air popper (I got mine for 99 cents at the Salvation Army.  Macklemore found it for me!!).

-enough popcorn to fill your well (it says on the popper, usually 2/3 C)
-evoo (or real butter)
-garlic powder
-Italian seasoning
-Parmesan cheese

This is my SPECIAL recipe of the kickassiest popcorn on EARTH!  So feel special you are getting my recipe.

You can add salt, but you don't have to.  And should not if you can go without it.

Melt butter to your liking.  But for another healthy way, use extra virgin olive oil (from CA.....they have strict packaging laws and you'll know you're not getting your evoo cut with a cheaper oil....there is no cost difference in this choice).  Evoo is not cheap, BUT you can get a teeny bottle just for your popcorn snacks each month.  Its a great choice for those with thyroid issues (as my son and I both have), as is butter.  Don't use butter when your Link comes in and freeze it for popcorn only if you have to!  Margarine melts your popcorn and is gross on it!  You will become a popcorn snob after eating this beautimus concoction.  I swear, you will!

Drizzle the evoo or the butter over top, sprinkle on the sprinkling and VOILA!  Total.  Awesomeness.


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