Sunday, September 22, 2013


-1 box of macaroni and cheese
-1 can of tuna

1 box of mac and cheese at Aldi: $.39
1 can tuna in water at Aldi: $.89 (I think)

Make mac-n-cheese according to box with milk and butter.  Then throw a can of tuna up in that bitch!  

My son HATES mac-n-cheese, but LOVES it with tuna, so every once in awhile (usually at the end of the month when the rent is due) this is what they have for lunch (I can't eat gluten items).  And while they don't want it (nor get it) all the time, its cheap enough to have on hand and they enjoy it.  You can add other stuff, like veggies and whatnot, whatever your family will eat. 

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