Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cheap Soups

You can make soup out of anything.  Just have a base (like beef, veggie, or chicken broth--if you can't afford to buy some, get some cheap bouillon cubes), seasonings, and fillers.

Filler Ideas:

-frozen veggies of any kind
-leftover meats

-canned veggies
-bottled/fresh garlic
-canned pumpkin
-fresh veggies
-potatoes (you can even mash them into the soup for more texture and thickness)
-eggs (for an egg drop soup, or scrambled as in Super Ramen)

Base Ideas:

-broth (or bouillon)
-water (with seasonings)
-milk or cream or half & half (added to broth or water)
-thickener if you want more of a chowder (flour, GF flour, cornstarch, potato starch, tapioca starch)

Seasoning Ideas:
-rosemary (as in Chicken Stew)
- salt and pepper
Use any thing you have, just mix and match.  Look up seasoning ideas online or in cookbooks (Mr. Food has some good ones!)

Topper Ideas:

-green onions
-cheese (usually in chowders)

Some great and cheap soup recipes:

5 Can Soup
Warm Your Soul Soup
Potato Soup
Throw Everything In It Soup

(I am linking these as I add them in, so check back!)

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